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That We May Dream Again

That We May Dream Again

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This book is sold at a discount because it is slightly foxed due to age in the warehouse. But it is brand-new.


In the early morning of 21 May 1987, 16 Singaporeans were arrested under the Internal Security Act of Singapore. The Act legitimizes detention without trial. In the weeks that followed, another 6 were detained under the same Act.

Among those arrested were professionals, students and, workers he Catholic Church in Singapore. Most were social activists who championed the cause of the disadvantaged in society and were concerned with issues of peace and social justice.

These are the stories from some of those arrested. They speak extensively of bewilderment and sadness as formal institutions retreated while friends and families rallied. They speak of the diffculty of being asked to "move on" without proper reconciliation.

What is unspoken, but which comes through with ultra clarity is the quiet strength and creative flexibility which the writers have marshalled as they continue their unending quest to "... love tenderly, to act justly and to walk humbly with the Lord, our God."

SKU: 978-981-07-0867-2
  • Technical Specifications

    Title: That We May Dream Again

    ISBN: 978-981-18-6353-0

    Editor: Fong Hoe Fang

    Size: 130mmW x 196mmH

    Pages: 136 pp contents + 4 pp cover

    Price: SGD$15

    Year: 2012

    Finish: Perfect Bind

    Printing: 1C x 1C

    Genre: Non-fiction memoir

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