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Drawn to Satire. Sketches of Cartoonists in Singapore

Drawn to Satire. Sketches of Cartoonists in Singapore


Eight cartoonists. Eight lives of indomitable spirit. Artists who pursued their vocations, drawing the cartoons of our lives, and becoming the mirrors of our times.


Eight stories of creative non-fiction. A journey into the comics worlds of our cartooning heritage. The untold stories, the unheard secrets of the cartoons that you have seen in books but cartoonists you have not met.


Eight stories of their trials, tribulations, struggles and history.


A comic book about our pioneering cartoonists.

Kehabisan Stok
SKU: 978-981-18-8091-9
  • Technical Specifications

    Title: Drawn to Satire. Sketches of Cartoonists in Singapore.

    Authors: CT Lim (story), Koh Hong Teng (illustrations)

    ISBN: 978-981-18-8091-9

    Trim Size: 160mmW x 230mm H (front and back flaps – 10mm each)

    Page Count: 142

    Price: SGD $26.76 (before GST)

    Year: Oct 2023

    Format: Paperback (PB)

    Genre: Graphic Novel

    Published by: Pause Narratives

  • About the Authors

    CT Lim: CT Lim writes comics, writes about comics, edits and curates them. Some nights he dreams in comics.


    Koh Hong Teng: Hong Teng completed his diploma course in Graphic Design at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in 1993, and obtained his honours degree in Graphic Design (Illustration) at London College of Printing (The London Institute) in the following year. He started drawing graphic novels in 1996. In 2012, he illustrated the graphic novel “Ten Sticks and One Rice” written by Oh Yong Hwee, which won the bronze award at the 7th International Manga Award. He co-created the art book titled “Building Memories: for SG50 Celebration, which won the “Book of the Year” and “Best Illustrated Non-fiction” Awards at the Singapore Book Awards in 2017. Another book that he co-created, “The Brook’s Clown”, was nominated for the “Book of the Year” and “Best Cover Design” in 2020.

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