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Grieving and Living. A Mother's Hope. A Mother's Journey

Grieving and Living. A Mother's Hope. A Mother's Journey


A heart-rending account of immense pain as a mother grapples with the loss of her only child through suicide. It is also the inspirational story of how she transformed that traumatic journey of grief into one of living with a determination to share her journey and insights so that others may heal and live too.


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ALL nett proceeds from the sale of this book project is a gift from A Caregiver to Caregivers - an effort by Stigma2StrengthSingapore in support of Caregivers Alliance Ltd where Jenny volunteers.


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Jenny Teo speaks about Grieving and Living:

SKU: 9789-8118-6397-4
  • Tech Specs

    ISBN : 978-981-18-6397-4

    Size: 14.85cmX21cm


    Total pages :40

    Printing: Full colour



  • About The Author

    Jenny Teo is Founder of Stigma2StrengthSingapore – a personal public educational ground-up initiative on youth suicide prevention utilising evidence-based and “lived-experience” narratives to help explain the suicidal mind and behaviour of youths to the layman.

    She is also Co-Founder of PleaseStay Movement – a ground up initiative comprising parents advocating for better awareness and changes at the national level to prevent youth suicides in Singapore.

    She now focusses more on Public Education in youth suicide prevention.

    As a suicide loss survivor, Jenny has given written interviews, contributed articles and presented talks to schools and educational institutions, the medical and mental health communities, befrienders of suicide attempters, corporate employees, social service agencies and the faith community. Her videos have reached many far and wide and given many youths a reason to stay, parents a reason to look out for their children’s safety and others a deeper understanding of this taboo subject of suicide.

    She constantly updates herself on research through books, scientific literature and webinars on Contemporary Suicidology and Suicidality, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Psychology, Psychiatry and Trauma and is a regular attendee at the Australian Mental Health Academy’s Annual Suicide Prevention Summit featuring world-reknown speakers on suicide prevention.

    A former Radio and TV personality, radio deejay, radio producer and radio station manager, Jenny is also a former General Manager of the SAFRA Radio station network who retired from the world of broadcasting in 2010 to care for her only child Josh Isaac diagnosed with Major Anxiety Disorder at age 11 and later Major Depressive Disorder at age 19.

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