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Ronin Rat - Prisoners of the Fox - Book 3

Ronin Rat - Prisoners of the Fox - Book 3


They did not get far when they are ambushed and captured by bandits who take them to their leader, the mysterious “BOSS-SAN” … who is none other than WHISKER’S wife, NOGITSUNE the fox bandit queen whom he had abandoned. Years ago, WHISKERS had won her heart, only to run away on their wedding night.

WHISKERS convinces NOGITSUNE to spare him by promising to take her to the treasure, but escapes with MANEKI after leading her army into a trap, freeing them to pursue the treasure on their own.

But their woes are not over. Daimyo AMANI INABA wants to usurp the Imperial Throne. He despatches his best agent, the ruthless blind bat KOUMORI to track down the treasure as he believes it would be the key to fulfil his ambition. And anyone who stands in the way or knows about the items must die.

SKU: 9789811437069

    ISBN: 9789811437069

    Size: 256mmH x 168mmW

    Pages: 36 contents + 4 cover

    Price: $6.50

    Finish: Saddle stitch

    Printing: 4C x 4C

    Weight: 68gsm


    Joshua Chiang is an illustrator and author. He has been published by Ethos Books (Trackless Paths), and CerealBox Studios (The Chronicles of Oujo). He was heavily involved in the Singapore animation scene before this and has written for many locally produced animated series such as Nanoboy, Master Raindrop, Zigby and The Exolight as well as international productions such as Robot ARPO and also helped conceptualize and storyboard various other series.

    Joshua is based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where his series of quirky artwork – Candid Cambodia – inspired by his observations of Cambodian life and culture is a hit amongst locals and tourists alike.

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