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Still My Husband

Still My Husband



SKU: 978-981-18-5673-0
  • About the Book

    Still My Husband continues the narrative from the first book, One Husband Two Men (available at The writer shares her struggles and insights as a caregiver whose faith helps to uphold her over more than 14 years, and even more so now.

    If you are a caregiver, have you ever reached a point of desperation where you feel you have done everything, yet that’s not enough? And when reality hits, there is no choice but to separate from your loved one. Loving and permanence of separation seem contradictory, yet one has to find solace in their co-existence.

    For Margaret, the final decision taken for the care of her husband has brought some relief but also many moments of doubt.

    Yet, as one of her friends testifies: “Life imposes things on us that we cannot control, but we do have the choice of how we want to live through it. And that’s what Margaret did. Through her choices, she has surfaced stronger, turning her pains and wounds into wisdom that spans the book.”

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  • Tech Specs

    New title: Still My Husband


    Author:  Margaret W. K. ONG

    Book Size: 210mm x 140mm (portrait)

    Pages: 260

    Price: $ 18.70 (before GST)

    Year: 2022

    Publisher: Word Image Pte Ltd

  • About the Author

    Prior to 2013, Margaret Ong was Vice President at Hewlett Packard, Asia Pacific & Japan, located in Singapore. After her husband’s illness, she became a volunteer Caregiver Leader with CAL (Caregiver Alliance Ltd Singapore), facilitating the Caregivers training workshops since 2014, and participating in Advocacy Talks against the stigma of mental illnesses.

    Since January 2020, she has been involved in the inception of Caring For Life (CFL) organization, a non-profit that seeks to establish a community approach to early identification of suicide ideation and care.  She is currently one of their volunteer trainers.

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