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The Man With A Mission

The Man With A Mission


“At different times of our lives, we do different things. Sometimes we quit. Sometimes we camp. But all of us can climb.”


Enter the world of Ron Chandran-Dudley (1934-2015), an only child born into a Ceylonese immigrant family who had to shelve his dreams of becoming a brain surgeon when he found out that he would not be able to see again. He kept on walking, sometimes quitting, sometimes camping and sometimes climbing. He overcame the challenges his disability presented and found love and the drive to fulfill his mission of helping others with disabilities in Singapore and overseas.


Set in major historical periods—from the 1930s to the 2010s—where the world faced rapid transformations, Ron’s life and work had transcended boundaries, leaving behind footprints in the hearts of those whose lives he had touched as a pioneer, a maker of history and a champion of people with disabilities.

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  • What Others Say

    “…Ron lived and worked for the well-being of those who, like himself, were visually handicapped.

    He took up the cudgels on their behalf. He did not sit on the beams when he fought for their rights issue. He could have ruffled some hairs in the process but he had no vested interest except an unwavering mission to serve his membership. His mission was to see them fully accepted and integrated in the community with head erect and be able to exercise their inalienable rights….

    We have lost a great soul but his dream of seeing visually handicapped people socially and economically active and contributing members of the community is taking firm shape. The Government has started to implement his vision of a fair and inclusive society where every citizen will have his rightful place and opportunity to achieve one’s ambition. Ron was an inspiration to those who knew him.”

    - Mr K. V. Veloo, a pioneer in Singapore’s social work and social service scene.

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