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You Don't See The Sky

You Don't See The Sky


Narratives about Singapore’s prison often features success stories as told by the government’s Yellow Ribbon Project. What is often ignored is the abusive and de-humanising conditions that many of those who are imprisoned have to endure. In the last two decades, the Singapore Preson Service has re-branded itself as an institution which aims to “rehab, renew, restart”. Through first-hand accounts of those who have been incarcerated, this study takes a critical look at Singapore’s prison system and argues for decarceration, and an urgent need to uphold the rights of prisoners.

SKU: 978-981-18-7754-4
  • About the Author

    This study is a report by the Transformative Justice Collective who compiled first-hand accounts of prisoners in Singapore's Changi Prison.

  • Technical Specifications

    ISBN 978-981-18-7754-4


    72 pages


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