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In One Breath through pseudohaiku

In One Breath through pseudohaiku


We sigh in one breath and enter the world with our first one breath and depart with our last one breath. In between we are awestruck with the wonders of nature, gasping in one breath and equally so when witnessing its destruction. Such significance associated with one breath, that may be seventeen syllables, can be read in one breath and the reader's or listener's soul moved just a little.

SKU: 978-154-37-6639-4
  • Book Details

    ISBN: 978-154-37-6639-4

    Genre: Poetry

    Pages: 100

    Printing: Black&White

    Cover: Paperback

    Size: 140mm x 215mm

  • About the Author

    Sanjay Kuttan was born in Johor Baru, Malaysia in 1964. He started writing at the age of 15 after being inspired by the publication of his mother, Rosaly Puthucheary’s first collection of poems, "Pillow Your Dreams."

    In the late 90’s he connected with Stazja McFadyen, editor and publisher of the Austin Poets at Large weekly e-newsletter. Thanks to the internet, Sanjay’s poetry was able to reach a larger audience. Encouraged by Stazja, he continued to write and was published locally as well as abroad in various publications.

    His first anthology of poetry, “Where Fires Rage” was published byy Straits Times Press in 2009. This was after more than a decade of his poems appearing anthologies such as In Our Own Words – A Generation Defining Itself Vol 3 (2005) and Vol 8 (2009); World Healing Book (2004); Singa No. 30 (2000); Bad News Bigolo – Love Edition (1998) and e-zines like MAP of Austin Poetry (US); The Poets Porch (US); Comrade Ezine (UK/US); The Writers Hood (US); and Pachamamapress (US).

    Recently, his short story “Dying Alone” was published in Balik Kampung Vol 3C (2016) by BooksActually and “From a Simple heart” published in Letter to my Son by Marshall Cavendish (2020).

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