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Living The Writting

Living The Writting


This is not a "how to" book, but it is a collection of essays setting out the author’s thoughts on writing. Across 40 essays, Russ Soh examines the writing life, muses about mundane issues with his inimitable humour, connects travel and writing, and argues the case for reading and complementing writing. In four sections, he lays out his thoughts with alluring titles such as:


I.       BEING – The Writing Life

  • My First Book & What I Learned From Its Publication
  • It’s Not About The Money
  • Singlish Can Or Not?


II.     MUSINGS – The Writings

  • For The Pun Of It
  • The Doctor is In
  • Hair Apparent


III.    JOURNEYING – Travel Writing

  • Traveling And Writing
  • Homecoming
  • A Trail of Two Cities


IV.    READING – The Flip Side of Writing

  • Reading Stephen King
  • A Harper Lee Christmas
  • John le Carre – The Spy (Writer) Who Came In From The Cold



About the Author

More than a decade ago, at the peak of his corporate career, Russ Soh decided to swop it for an unconventional early retirement. Although eminently qualified (MBA, Chartered Insurer, Member Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK backed by years of experience), and thriving in his corporate role, Russ yearned for more time to spend with God, family and friends, and to indulge his passion for reading, writing and traveling.


Writing has been a life-long passion, which he had indulged in since his school and corporate days. As his writing up till then had been confined to non-fictional prose, he decided to stake out new territory in fictional prose. His two collections of short stories, Not The Same Family and Tales From The ECP established his credentials as a short-story writer, and he became a featured speaker at the 2015 and 2016 Singapore Writers’ Festival, and an invited speaker at the International Conference on the Short Story, held in Shanghai in 2016, and Lisbon in 2018.


The pieces in this collection represent a return to his roots. They comprise a selection of essays and opinion pieces which he wrote during a 5-year period, as part of his blog of the same name, “Living The Writing.”

SKU: 9789811429934
  • Book Details

    ISBN: 978-981-14-2993-4
    Author: Russ Soh
    Format: Paperback

    Size: 150mm x 220mm
    Pages: 152
    Printing: B&W
    Weight: 267gsm
    Publisher: Word Image

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