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Locked In

Locked In


Resilence. Perseverance. Faithfulness and Love. This book has it all. Lucas shares the painful, yet inspiring journey of his wife Josephine and their loved ones after the couple discovered that she had an incurable disease - Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP).

Along their difficult journey, they found joy in life itself. They found love in friends, caregivers and all these were carried by their faith that PSP had given them a new mission in life.


Check out the story in video form below.


Lucas' Story Part 1


Lucas' Story Part 2


Lucas' Story Final Part



SKU: 978-981-18-7289-1
  • About the Author

    Lucas Leow. Husband. Father. Caregiver.

  • What Others Say

    I first encountered Lucas pushing Josephine in her wheelchair down an inclined asphalt at MacRitchie Reservoir, two of them singing an old romantic song. Daily they and their helper engaged in physical therapies for Josephine on the zizz-zag bridge of wooden planks, the hill honouring Lim Boh Seng overlooking their efforts, a courageous struggle in the face of a tragic, certain outcome. Their story is a testament to a resilient love relationship facing adversity beyond the imagination of most. Because of them I donate annually to the Parkinson Society, Singapore.

    Samuel R. Kaplan


    Josephine lived through major changes and had to make colossal adaptations throughout her life. her cheerful, bubbly, smiling disposition and her generous hospitality is my abiding memory of her when we first met during her Nanyang Junior College teaching days.

    Many years later she reluctantly retired from teaching. What should have been a period of rest, relaxation and enjoyment did not materialize. For Josephine these were dark days as she did not know where her motivation and usual robust energy had disappeared to. Josephine, ever the caring teacher and student counsellor, devoted wife, mother and grandmother, unbeknown to all was suffering from an onset of her decline.

    Once, sometime later, when she was informed of her Parkinson’s diagnosis she was more accepting of her condition and for her need of support. Josephine put her trust in God, Lucas, Joanne, helpers and her doctors. She was courageous and did much to help herself to keep her body and mind exercised.

    Latterly, Josephine would struggle to give us some information verbally if Lucas had forgotten a name or failed to hear clearly what we were trying to find out. Josephine’s repertoire of hymns and songs will forever remind me of our special friendship and what comfort there was in singing them together. Thank you, Lucas for facilitating these cheerful sessions and prompting us when words were not forthcoming.

    George and Vanessa


    Jo had a ready smile for all she met…in spite of the pain and suffering she went through; she would look at you warmly and as her face light up and she would try to utter “Hello.” and call your name.

    Jo clung on to God, to faith… watching her in these years was a testimony of her courage, her deep faith to unite her suffering with that of Jesus.

    We know she couldn’t live through this struggle without the love and support of Lucas, her constant companion, best friend and lover. Truly, watching them was a reminder of the marriage vow “to love and to cherish... In sickness and in health, in good times and in bad.”

    Colin and Mag



  • Technical Specifications

    Title: Locked In. Journeying with Supranuclear Palsy

    ISBN: 978-981-18-7289-1

    Writer: Lucas Leow

    Size: 130mmW x 200mmH

    Pages: 134 pp contents + 4 cover

    Price: SGD$20

    Year: 2023

    Finish: Perfect Bind

    Printing: 4C x 4C

    Genre: Non-fiction memoir

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