My Angelo

My Angelo


32pp contents + 4pp cover
Black & White printing

260mm x 190mm (portrait)

SKU: 9789811805318
  • About the Book

    This is a book of pencil sketches depicting the life of Angelo, a snow-white cat. On the surface, it is a lovely rhyming story of how he moved from the Xavier family to the Chia’s. At a deeper level, it tells the journey of life from strength to frailty and its finality.

    Adults can read this book with younger ones, and introduce the subjects of aging and death, of pets and elders of the family. Humour is injected into the rhymes while the sketches on each page are faithful to the storyline.

  • About the Author

    Kathleen began her writing career producing mainly instructional materials for young children while working in education. Now in retirement she is free to add to the books she delights in writing purely for children’s enjoyment. Born and trained in the UK, Kathleen has lived and worked in Singapore since 1969. She believes everyone benefits from the experience of owning a pet so her family have always been committed pet owners and nature lovers.

  • About the Illustrator

    This is Choon’s first commission to illustrate a book. Having been a house-sitter for Angelo, illustrating memories of him was more than a telling of personal experience. It was also about the opportunity to create and keep alive meaningful connections.