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The Amulet

The Amulet


The fourth book in the Singapore Peranakan Fables series, this book explores the theme of a Peranakan superstition and an ancient Chinese tradition, through the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival, Duan Wujie.

Puteh loses her amulet, a protective charm for health, in a fight with her best friend Itam. Without it, she feels unwell and has terrible nightmares. Read about the comical exploits of Itam and the amah, Puteh’s maid servant, when they try to help her. A story of friendship and loyalty, join the two children as they embark on a journey to solve the mystery of the missing amulet.

SKU: 978-981-08-1327-7

    A mother of three, Adeline Foo received the inaugural First Time Writers & Illustrators Publishing Initiative Award given by the Media Development Authority and the National Book Development Council of Singapore in 2006. Since then, she has published four books featuring denizens of Singapore’s tropical rainforest, Ben’s Friends from the Rainforest, Secret Hoarder, Lost in the Secret Garden and The Midnight Tree.


    The first book was adapted into a cartoon and aired on national TV and showcased at an animation fair in MIPCOM, and Cannes. In June 2008, the National Heritage Board supported Adeline to develop a series of stories entitled Peranakan Fables. This series for young readers showcases the unique Chinese-Malay-European immigrant hybrid culture of the Peranakans, in The Beaded Slippers, The Kitchen God, and Chilli Padi. The Peranakan Fables received excellent reviews by the local press made their way across the globe, to the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany and Singapore Day in Melbourne, in October 2008.


    Lee Kowling is a children’s book illustrator. She has illustrated more than 20 children’s books and has worked with major publishing houses in Singapore. A designer by training, Kowling is much sought after for her water-colour painting.


    New title:         The Amulet

    ISBN                ISBN 978-981-08-1327-7

    Book Size        260mm x 265mm (Paperback)

    Pages              36

    Distributed by  Word Image Pte Ltd


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