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Quiet Loving, Ravaging Search — 20 Years of Quarterly Literary Review Si

Quiet Loving, Ravaging Search — 20 Years of Quarterly Literary Review Si


In August 2001, the beta issue of Quarterly Literary Review Singapore (QLRS) quietly appeared online. Twenty years and almost 80 issues later, the editors cast an eye over 1,700 contributions across sections such as poetry, short stories, essays, criticism, and extra media. Here they present four overarching narratives according to four themes which make up the initials: QLRS.


Quiet Loving, Ravaging Search — 20 Years of Quarterly Literary Review Singapore is an anniversary compendium of four books comprising works which have been chosen and edited by the editors, together with new ones commissioned for this first-ever print anthology.


How does each editor interpret the theme, and what fresh insights are gleaned from the anthologies? Quiet Loving, Ravaging Search invites the reader via four distinct access points into a highly imaginative world of words and ideas.


This is a LIMITED EDITION of the boxset, with only 50 copies available to the public world-wide. It is differentiated by its BLACK book-band versus the KHAKI book-band found in the standard edition. The LIMITED EDITION sells at a different price and is meant for book collectors.


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庫存單位: 978-981-18-2973-4 (SE)

    QUIET [ISBN: 978-981-18-2969-7] by Toh Hsien Min

    Quiet does not need to be judged by its cover. It does not let everyone know it is in the room.  But if you slow down and listen, you will hear its deliberative and nuanced counterpoint, underneath the melody line.

    LOVING [ISBN: 978-981-18-2970-3] by Yeow Kai Chai

    By opting for the ‘-ing’ form, as both a gerund and a present participle, instead of the simple noun or verb ‘love’, Loving highlights the process, the ongoing manifestation. Its irrationality, drama, and bold defiance of logic, means loving someone (or something) is never less than a mystery.

    RAVAGING [ISBN: 978-981-18-2971-0] by Yong Shu Hoong

    Ravaging is the carnage and chaos of this world – also in the insidious manner that time and sometimes love are wearing us down. But there is beauty born out of destruction, and light – what light! – as darkness subsides.

    SEARCH [ISBN: 978-981-18-2972-7] by Stephanie Ye

    The content of this book is discontent. Seek, and ye shall find -- but what?  Something missing, lost, displaced, hidden, hiding. The known unknowns and unknown knowns. Not all those who wander are lost; not all those who wonder will find. Look around, look within, look forward. So we search on.


    QUIET edited by Toh Hsien Min

    Toh Hsien Min is the founding editor of the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore and also the author of four books of poetry, most recently Dans quel sens tombent les feuilles (Paris, 2016).

    LOVING edited by Yeow Kai Chai

    Yeow Kai Chai is a poet, fiction writer, and editor. He has three poetry collections, One to the Dark Tower Comes (2020), Pretend I’m Not Here (2006), and Secret Manta (2001). A co-editor of Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, he was Festival Director of Singapore Writers Festival from 2015 to 2018.

    RAVAGING edited by Yong Shu Hoong

    Yong Shu Hoong has authored six poetry collections, including Frottage (2005) and The Viewing Party (2013), which both won the Singapore Literature Prize, and Right of the Soil (2018). He is one of the four co-authors of The Adopted: Stories from Angkor (2015) and Lost Bodies: Poems Between Portugal and Home (2016).

    SEARCH edited by Stephanie Ye

    Stephanie Ye is a writer whose works have been staged as a dance performance in New York City, translated into German for an art exhibition in Berlin, and used as an O-level examination text in Singapore. Her short story chapbook, The Billion Shop, was published in 2012, and she edited the fiction anthology From The Belly Of The Cat in 2013.



    4 volumes wrapped with Gmund translucent paper and fastened by a customised BLACK book band.


    125mmW x 200mmH


    Cover - Maple White (300gsm) 
    Inner Pages -  Maple White (100gsm)
    Wrap - Sky Blue
    Bookband - 3mm Chip Board (BLACK)

    This is a LIMITED EDITION copy of the book - Only 50 copies have been produced, and will remain so.


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