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St Andrew's: A Never-Ending Story

St Andrew's: A Never-Ending Story


This is the story of a 160-year-old educational institution, older than the country in which it is situated.  Architect Goh Chong Chia gathered his alma mater’s history from several years of tenacious research and interviews with his fellow Saints, and with this volume, they celebrate the centenary establishment of the St Andrew’s Alumni.

庫存單位: 978-981-18-1362-7

    St Andrew’s origin is Anglican, but it was inclusive at a time when the word had not yet been “invented”. All races and religions were welcomed and we had a really diverse student population. It is not possible to have gone through the experience here without appreciating the spirit of generosity and charity that is reflected in the faith of St Andrew’s in the first place. Many of us remember the floods that used to imperil the villagers in Potong Pasir each monsoon season. The way the leaders and teachers of the school went out of their way to make things better, providing shelter (in the school hall) and food and clothing (from donations) and mobilising all students to help leaves a lifelong impression on young minds.’

    — Koh Boon Hwee, corporate leader and entrepreneur


    When I walked into the building, I literally thought that I had ascended to heaven. What a beautiful school! I found the inner courtyards especially enchanting. A sense of serenity and calm enveloped me as I walked through the school. I could tell from day one that studying at SAS would be a very special experience. And indeed, all my expectations were met, if not exceeded.’

    — Kishore Mahbubani, diplomat and author


    My memories are rich with the sights and sounds of the St Andrew’s Village life, and it really was a village in those days. Students trudging up the hill or being dropped off by their parents at the start of the school day. The squeals of the Ascension kindergarten children during recess. The school band practising, sometimes rather painfully, and the uniformed groups forming up for their squad drills. Athletes making their way to that enormous school field...’

    — Margaret Thomas, journalist and activist


    ISBN: 978-981-18-1362-7 (paperback)

    Author: Goh Chong Chia

    Book Size: 260mm x 190mm (portrait)

    Pages: 496

    Price: $35 (before GST)

    Year: 2021

    Publisher: St Andrew’s Alumni

    Distributor: Word Image

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