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A Sikh Boy in Hokkien Gangland. Boh Cheng Hoo

A Sikh Boy in Hokkien Gangland. Boh Cheng Hoo


This first of a trilogy resurrects a nostalgic past in the 1950s when Singapore was a predominantly Angmoh colony, till the 1960s with the lightning arrival of a new political era.

It traces a journey in time when Singapore encountered internal dangers from secret societies, criminals and riots; and external threats like the Indonesian Confrontation and separation from the Malaysian Federation.

All this and more from the perspective of a boy who traces his roots to his parents’ Punjabi heritage, learning the lingua franca of his kampong friends, escaping the clutches of secret society harassment and the deprivations of abject poverty.

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SKU: 9789811482847
  • About the Author

    This trilogy is the life story of a retired Singapore policeman, Sukhdev Singh Gill, a Hokkien-speaking Sikh—perhaps quite a wonder today, but not so in the days of pre-independent Singapore.

    Sukhdev grew up in the 1950s under British colonial rule. Living in kampongs with neighbours of various races, he became proficient in the Hokkien dialect. This collection of his childhood memories ranges from the hilarious to heart-stopping escapades.

    In the next two parts of this trilogy, Sukhdev shares his experiences over 30 years with the Singapore Police Force and life after retirement.

  • Book Details

    ISBN: 978-981-14-8284-7
    Author: Sukhdev Singh Gill
    Size: 150mm x 210mm
    Format: Paperback
    Printing: B&W
    Weight: 288 gsm
    Publisher: Word Image

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