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The Birds in the Bamboo Tree

The Birds in the Bamboo Tree


The Birds in the Bamboo Tree is a story of loving parenting among birds. The author was inspired by the view outside her window. Two bulbuls had made a nest in the bamboo plant just outside her apartment corridor.

The birds had fussed over the building of the nest and their new fledglings. The author muses over the power of joint parenting responsibilities, seen even within the animal kingdom.

The black-and-white sketches allow for meaningful conversation as parents and their children add colour to them.

SKU: 9789811498473

    Constance Singam loves reading, writing, birds, trees and flowers. She spent many hours reading in the library when she went to school and university, even when doing her Masters’ degree.

    Connie, as she is fondly known to family and friends, has written many books mostly for adults. These are about the history of Singapore women, about food, about cultural and social history. They are based largely on the work she has done over the years helping people, especially women, aiming to improve the lives of migrant workers and making life better for all of us in Singapore.

    She demonstrates her versatility with words and sketches in this, her first children’s title..

    Other books written or co-edited by Constance Singam:

    * 2002:      A history of the TWC: Building Social Space in Singapore

    * 2004:      Re-Presenting Singapore Women 

    * 2013:      Where I was: A Memoir from the Margin

    * 2016:      Never Leave Home without Your Chilli Sauce

    * 2017:      The Art of Advocacy in Singapore


    ISBN: 9789811498473
    Author: Constance Singam
    Size: 190mm x 260mm
    Format: Paperback
    Pages: 20
    Printing: B&W
    Weight: 100gsm
    Publisher: Word Image

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