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Tigers in The Park

Tigers in The Park



Adam Park is a very special place. It is a place where the membrane of time is at its thinnest, where you can reach out and touch history.

Some say that if you stop to sit and listen you can still hear the echoes of the battle reverberating through the very walls. Some say they hear the ghosts of dead POWs that flit between the evening shadows. But perhaps it is not the presence of lost souls they sense but the resonance of the past locked into the very landscape and buildings that surround them. It is the echo of every bullet, buckle and button entombed beneath this ‘English heaven’.

This book unlocks that past. It prises out those memories from hidden places. It reveals the incredible, untold wartime heritage of the estate and the surrounding area. It is an uncompromising blow-by-blow account of a desperate battle told from the soldier’s perspective. It is a day-by-day account of survival in a POW work camp, and a house-by-house account of life in Singapore before, during and after 1942.

One estate, one year, one incredible wartime story. A snapshot of history as witnessed from the windows and porticos of each and every house on the Adam Park estate.

Tigers in the Park is published by The Literary Centre (Singapore).


About the Author

Jon Cooper’s interest in all things military started way back at school when he helped run the wargames club. After completing a merchant navy cadetship with P&O he joined the Royal Air Force, ending his short service commission as a Flight Lieutenant.

Jon then settled in Scotland, qualified as a project manager and spent his spare time on the medieval re-enactment circuit for Historic Scotland. He wrote his first book, The Heart and the Rose, based on the research he had carried out on the battle of Linlithgow Bridge, which was fought in his home town in 1526. In 2008 the opportunity arose to take a MLitt in Battlefield and Conflict Archaeology at Glasgow University. He paid his way through the course by writing a second work, Scottish Renaissance Armies, for Osprey Publishing.

In 2009, Jon and his family moved to Singapore. This was his third time in the country, having been there as a Merchant Navy officer and then again on his honeymoon. Not wanting to let his new-found knowledge about battlefield archaeology go to waste, Jon took on the challenge of researching the WWII heritage of Adam Park and has spent seven years pulling together a fascinating insight into Singapore’s wartime past.

SKU: 9789811465772

    This is an E-book in EPUB format.

    ISBN 978-981-14-6577-2 (ebook)

    Published 2020

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